It Is Okay to Not Be Okay!

Did you know it is okay to not be okay?

You are not going to feel like laughing every day when battling an ailment. There are days you are going to feel like simply screaming or just not being in the present. AND THIS IS OKAY!

In battling any illness, there are days when you simply need to embrace the emotions you feel. Embracing emotions of sadness or anger does not make you weak in your fight. It illustrates you’re human. Feel those emotions. Let those tears out. Scream if needed. Punch a pillow if you have to. No one can go through the trials we face and not feel anger or defeated at times. The key is to not allow those emotions to take root in your spirit.

Feel those emotions. Have your moment. But once you’ve done that, then work towards picking yourself back up, no matter how long it takes you to do so.